Aug. 10, 2022


 From time to time, I hear from former students I once taught at Beijing Broadcasting Institute. I enjoy my students updating me on their careers since….without exception… my students’ successes have- proved quite impressive.  Like most Chinese-- they feel a strong responsibility to be financially successful-- not only for themselves but also---for their parents and family members.

Recently, my strongest English-Speaking Student sent an email to tell me about his successful business. He goes by the name of George Gao-- still lives in Beijing, China---and apparently---has hit the financial “BIG TIME”.

George shared that---four years ago---he successfully- designed and built the World’s most authentic FEMALE! George sent photos and explained how he kept perfecting his sexy “BLOW-UP-DOLL” until-- at last--his Lusciously-Beautiful Doll is now---PERFECT.

So far--his largest markets are Japan, Sweden, France, and Argentina but recently—he’s received some serious interest from California.  George also shared this story about one of his most-loyal Japanese Doll Owners: 

“When the spark went out of Masayuki Ozaki’s marriage, he found an unusual outlet to fill his romantic void.  He bought one of my most-beautiful Silicone Sex Dolls.  He swears she is the love of his life.

His life-size Doll-- named Maylee-- shares Ozaki’s bed and lives under the same roof with Ozaki’s wife and teenage daughter-- in Tokyo, Japan.  The bizarre arrangement triggered lots of anger before the family was finally-able to declare a truce.  The way Ozaki tells it, his wife stopped being physically-intimate after their only child was born.  He was a very-young physiotherapist who was quite successfully-- business-wise-- but felt desperately-lonely. As he explained:

“The moment I saw Maylee in the showroom, it was love at first sight.” blushed Ozaki, who takes his doll on dates in a wheelchair and dresses her in wigs, sexy clothes, and expensive jewelry. He admits his wife stays jealous because of Maylee’s looks and perfect body but—Ozaki’s daughter has become best friends with Maylee.   “Now that my daughter is old enough to wear Maylee’s clothes AND jewelry, she thinks of her like a “really- cool” big sister.”

George said Ozaki is one of an increasing number of Japanese men turning to rubber romance. He admits that more and more Oriental men are turned-off by human relationships.  It seems that Oriental women, especially Chinese Women, are obsessed with marrying men for money--but they are “turned-off” to sex.

George believes--as time passes--his Perfect Woman will meet ALL THE NEEDS—OF ALL THE MEN-- in the world. Men will be happier, more-confident, experience less-stress, and live-longer.  And, of course, George will make billions of dollars.


Simply, Sally



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17.10 | 01:42

I miss being Facebook friends with you! Hope you are well and happy.

Tammy Brookover Jay

15.10 | 01:28

Love all of this. I'm so lucky to be your neighbor,

30.08 | 16:26

Sally, my friend, I love your writings and sometimes they make me cry and then smile. I love you as if I had known you all my life. God Bless you each and every day in all you do.

29.08 | 19:19

Lol, I loved reading this story! As a female that dated a couple men with Harleys, I totally understand and met Harley Guy myself, many times over!
I hope you get your 3wheels someday soon!

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