Jan. 5, 2022


Sexy no longer means what it used to mean. Most of the women today try too-hard to get attention so they wear almost-nothing.  Sexy is not about having the perfect body; sexy has nothing to do with hip thrusts, sticking out the tongue, dirty words, or hand signals. 

Many women today have confused Sexy with Shocking or even-worse---Vulgarity. Women should think in terms of “subtle.” They should also seriously-consider adding CLASS and ELEGANCE to their physical “presentations.”

In the fifties and sixties, no woman would have thought of herself as “sexy” unless she was, at the same time, well-dressed and classically- elegant.   Those were the days when the way a woman dressed or spoke, or carried herself--- could mesmerize others to the point of thinking of her as fascinating, intriguing, mysterious, and yes--- even sexy.

Those were the times when a slight “slit” in a straight skirt--or a blouse with a more-open neckline, or a beautiful-backless gown--could add just enough glamour to a woman’s outfit that it caused others to “look twice.”

Class and Elegance are Timeless.  Regardless of the latest “fashion”, there is still NOTHING more captivating than an elegant woman dressed in a simple black dress--wearing a single strand of pearls--- and a large, black, peek-a-boo hat---like the one in the photo.

I believe women--everywhere---would enjoy looking and feeling pretty again.  Every women is just waiting for another woman to be the first to "step out" in that classic black dress, again---wearing classic pearls at her neck---and immediately "TURNING HEADS'" by topping-off her elegance with the largest and most-dramatic  "Peek-a-boo" hat----ever!


Sally Miller

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17.10 | 01:42

I miss being Facebook friends with you! Hope you are well and happy.

Tammy Brookover Jay

15.10 | 01:28

Love all of this. I'm so lucky to be your neighbor,

30.08 | 16:26

Sally, my friend, I love your writings and sometimes they make me cry and then smile. I love you as if I had known you all my life. God Bless you each and every day in all you do.

29.08 | 19:19

Lol, I loved reading this story! As a female that dated a couple men with Harleys, I totally understand and met Harley Guy myself, many times over!
I hope you get your 3wheels someday soon!

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