Jun. 17, 2020


"THANK GOODNESS AMERICA was a World Leader in the forties.

We didn't have the lunacy of today's "Political Correctness" or the hypocrisy of today's Government....consisting of so-called Career Politicians.

I was a young child in the forties. I saw the black and white news reels of World War II, in action.   My grandmother also took me to the Veterans Hospital, where I saw pieces of war's victims, the remains of once-courageous soldiers--still breathing-- but with “empty” eyes---no-longer capable of experiencing life.   

As long as EVIL exists in the hearts and minds of men…. there will be wars, bombs, poisons, race riots, murders, deaths, victims, phony pandemics, worldwide hoaxes, false news....and other insanities.

AMERICA CAN ONLY BE restored to Greatness through Strong Leadership.  ONLY THEN, will it-- once again-- serve as a role model to The World.

 For decades, My America was a safe and loving...yet highly- respected America. Those were the days when My America stood as a "Rock-Solid"  force--- feared by the world.    Today, America has been weakened by over-zealous politicians with too-much Power, Money, and a unrealistic desire to both Rule and Control America... like World Dictators.  

I urge everyone to become  experts on History; to read such authentic books as HIROSHIMA and learn the very-real and very-ugly truth about War. 


Sally Miller

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17.10 | 01:42

I miss being Facebook friends with you! Hope you are well and happy.

Tammy Brookover Jay

15.10 | 01:28

Love all of this. I'm so lucky to be your neighbor,

30.08 | 16:26

Sally, my friend, I love your writings and sometimes they make me cry and then smile. I love you as if I had known you all my life. God Bless you each and every day in all you do.

29.08 | 19:19

Lol, I loved reading this story! As a female that dated a couple men with Harleys, I totally understand and met Harley Guy myself, many times over!
I hope you get your 3wheels someday soon!

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