Apr. 17, 2018



Two years ago today, April 17, 2016 at 2:55pm:
"I just learned that my enemies have created a website called: sallymillerlies.com."

At the time, I was almost finished writing my book and had chosen as the book's subtitle: Let No Deed Go Unpublished. My Book was based on the truth so I chose to go public with this devastating information. I made the decision to take-a-stand against those who were determined to destroy my reputation, my integrity, and my writing:

 "I strongly suspect that my ex-family and my two daughters have created this shameful, hurtful, and inaccurate display of bad taste. They may have partnered with Hillary....I don't put anything past them.

 I recognize the main players and they are shameless. So...
IF you believe I lie; IF you support Hillary; IF you believe my ex’s family….ex nieces/nephews, stepmother (the second wife),  IF you believe my daughters..... PLEASE do both of us a favor and unfriend me. I do not lie about myself, others, or any part of my life.

Three months ago, the "hairdresser" ( Eddie) for stepmother and my youngest daughter, Rosemond, sent me a text, saying....."Your book is full of lies, distortions, attacks, and is pure fiction." This pompous ass has never had access to me or… my manuscript. This cult of haters is planning to discredit me and MY BOOK. The evidence indicates that my daughters, the ex-family, and gay-boy-hairdresser…..have joined forces with Hillary... to be a powerful force against me.

Disappointed but not surprised, I experienced this same UGLINESS in 1983,  when I ran for Mayor of my hometown. These are the same people who never raised one finger to improve the conditions of Pine Bluff or help others yet....they spent time and money slandering my name, my reputation. So....unfriend me NOW, if you stand with my enemies."

Later , the evening of April 17, 2016 at 8:35pm, a tech friend was able to find this valuable information. The web address name for sallymillerlies.com was registered 4-1-2016 to: PERFECT PRIVACY, LLC
12808 Gran Bay Pkwy West, Jacksonville FL 32258 USA
Phone: 1-902-749-2701
This is the same company that owns the registration for Hillary Clinton's email server!

 In January, one year later, I received a phone call from a longtime friend, someone I hadn’t seen or talked with in several years. After reading my book, he felt compelled to tell me about a very troubling incident he’d experienced in 2016,  during the presidential race . Seems my daughter, Rosemond, had contacted him, urging him to visit the website: sallymillerlies.com to post ugly, hateful remarks about me. He was horrified at her request.  Instead, he went to the website and verbally shamed those who took delight in writing lies about me.

The website didn’t last more than a few months. Obviously it died for lack of visitors and for lack of content. But I know from experience that Evil never dies.

So, I stay armed and ready for the next attack.



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17.10 | 01:42

I miss being Facebook friends with you! Hope you are well and happy.

Tammy Brookover Jay

15.10 | 01:28

Love all of this. I'm so lucky to be your neighbor,

30.08 | 16:26

Sally, my friend, I love your writings and sometimes they make me cry and then smile. I love you as if I had known you all my life. God Bless you each and every day in all you do.

29.08 | 19:19

Lol, I loved reading this story! As a female that dated a couple men with Harleys, I totally understand and met Harley Guy myself, many times over!
I hope you get your 3wheels someday soon!

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